Tie-up Crop: Chictopia

Jeans: Target (From like 3 years ago, and I’m pretty sure I ripped these my self) 

Slides: Ivy Park, Topshop

Sunglasses: Kirribilli Markets

Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman 


Sooo let’s get straight to business here.

1 Ivy Park Slides are a real thing.

2 Shay is wearing jeans.

3 The colours on this top is the most chaotic but beautiful thing that I’ve seen in a while.

This outfit is almost as messy my hair but somehow it works and I love it.

The whole look is filled with bright, statement pieces (my favourites) and is perfect for autumn. I found this cute crop top at a market stall and fell in love the moment I saw it. It’s a crop top that ties up and is full of reds and oranges, how could you not fall for it! I paired it with a pair of old jeans to keep the outfit casual because I was just waiting for a chance to work my Ivy Park Sliders with the whole thing. Honestly, I would never wear slides for anyone but Beyonce and I’m so glad I did. The slides fit with rest of the outfit’s vibe perfectly and are so cute!

To be honest though I love this outfit because of how Rachael Green’ from Friends it is with  bright 90’s vibes all over it.

Akshaya xx



Pants: The Fifth Label

Bralet: PaperHeart

Backpack: Colette by Colette Hayman

Glassess: Sydney Markets

Shoes: Rubi Shoes


So for today’s post I thought I’d change it up a bit and post something a bit different from the usual. Sydney is currently going through an annoying weather phase (rude) where it’s sunny but still chilly and who wouldn’t get confused at the thought of that. So here we have the perfect ‘in-between’ outfit for the confusing ‘in-between’ weather!

I decided to go for my favourite pair of pants that we’re sitting in my wardrobe: my black culottes. I’m not even going to try and hide the fact that these pants make me feel like I can take over the world and I have no idea why. They’re so chic, cute and comfortable.

I paired the culottes with a denim look bralet to make the outfit casual for my day out and also to make sure that I wouldn’t get too hot. I finished off the outfit with my statement backpack from Colette by Colette Hayman which added to the outfit’s casual but still chic feel which is what I was going for. I decided to go simple for the sandals as the pants are quite a long length and I didn’t want to overcrowd the bottom of the outfit.

All in all, I was lovin’ this look because of how casual and fun it was but still super stylish which I always aim for!

Much love,

Akshaya xoxo





Dress: Misguided

Shoes: Siren



This dress honestly was only bought so I could get free shipping from Misguided and look how super cute it turned out! I feel like you can rock it casually because the dress is so super simple but makes such a statement with it’s cute off-the-shoulder look and bright white colour. The fact that it’s so simple means that you can easily dress it up, just by adding some statement jewellery and nice heels.

The shoes I’m wearing steal the show though. They’re leopard print and super comfy, what more could you ask for! Leopard print can only be worn, if it’s done properly I feel and these shoes make for a perfect pair! The platforms make any outfit you’re wearing so funky, I am so in love.

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Akshaya xoxo



Dress: Glamourous

Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Sunnies: Colette by Colette Hayman


I hope everyone’s attention is immediately drawn to (as they always should tbh) my shoes. As super amazing as they are, they can be a bit hard to work with because of how harsh and thick the straps are but I feel the key to wear bold pieces like that is to balance them out with the rest of you’re outfit. I played around with the striped on both my dress and the straps of the gladiators and found that it worked so voila! 🙂

Let me know what you think!

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Akshaya xx



Overalls: Glue Store

Halter Neck: Supre

Shoes: Lipstik

Sunnies: Rubi 

OK, who knew you could make overalls look so chic. Honestly I am so not a denim-y type person, so I am so super in love with these.

The white overalls are actually a silky material which gives the look so much edge and makes it stand out even more and wearing it with a black halter top just finished it off so perfectly. Everything in this outfit is a statement including the shoes that I finished it off with which were a typical pair of flatforms. Flatforms have been in and out of fashion for ages now but they’re such a go-to for me. They’re comfy and super bold, so typically my kind of thing.

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xoxo Akshaya .